Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've been silent quiet long since my last entry. Blank.

I've been silent quiet long since my last entry. Blank.

Here I go, I've something to share. Last two days (emmm guess so), one article gave me a shock. Bang ! The ice melting in Antarctica happen badly. And now those iceberg move so fast to New Zealand ocean. The collapse of ice will rise the sea level. As we know, we are near to the end of the day. That is the mark that Allah shown to us, whenever ocean is 3/4 of earth. Last few years countries were so busy discussing on global warming over the world. Ok and now people start to forget it. I'm not pointing it to sesiapa..

That article is a scientific side. Written from scientist theories and researches. They are trying to overcome the effect of the global warming and how to reduce it. But for us, the one that come with 'akal' and born in 'Islam' should have positive thinking assume that it is a test from Allah, a mark from HIM to bring us back to the right path, to let us realize that were are temporary being here.

Aku selalu lupa yang I'm a slave of HIM. Yang takut sgt bile fikirkn kematian. Tapi kematian itu sesuatu yang pasti dan harus kite ingt setiap waktu.

p/s : entry kali ni di tulis lepas bgn tido... hehehe