Thursday, July 1, 2010

'BF' curang..

huuuhuu 'my bf' betrayed me. i just never thought 'he' would be able to do anything like that to me.. 'he' was always so paranoid and over protective over me. but last day 'he' left me ! emm last day ke?? oh hari isnin la.. 'he' asked me to send 'him' to sentul central. As usual, 'he' kissed me ,huhuhu..bes... and thats it. 'he' left.

and i talked to myself '' bye2 jim syg aka housemate, taking care and kem salam musuh akuu!!!!''

huhuu... yeah she is my bf lol. bosan la die xde kt umah, she left me alone. hujan lebat xterkata, bunyik mcm2 ..seerraaamm...

ok, nak isi masa lapang sepnjg ketiadaan die, satu hari ak kuar ngn shareena n aishah. i ended up with them at last at pizza hut wangsa maju.



p/s : jim, xsempat jumpe hang..isk2..