Friday, October 2, 2009

jangan bersedih kawan

.I'll help u anyhow. This is my promise. Don't be sad.

Jgn sedih. ak akn tolong ko ok.

Tapi sume bergantung pada Allah. HE the one who decides it. I dont wana c tears on ur cheek anymore.

Please2, dont make me down. Ure my fren, when ure down like sky falling down. I'm hurted. I hate the one who hurted u. U've done ur very best since last 7 years. It was not ur fault even it is. I knew, I can feel  ur love for him. But dont u think its wasting ur time being so honest.

Clap ur hands on ur fighting. I'm happy for it but please no more tears. Be strong my dear. Ure strong enuf to face outside world than ur SAD one! Ure brilliant, just grab the opportunities in front of u n build new life. What for we r crying for a ungrateful man?

p/s:: sabar ea j, i'll help u. hidup kdg2 indah,kdg2 suram. itulah kehidupan


JMR said...


Firus Ruhaizad said...

and then wut for we crying to the bloodyfull gurl??kekekeke:P
yeah..jangan bersedih...
much matter outside there which bring more suffocation.
grateful with wut we have wit wut always happen.its qada' dan qadar.beleive it...someone good waiting for her!

Azmiezas said...

Dik..ada nama manja lain tak yg boleh akak panggil...(nanti letak kat blog akak yer..)

Ya..Don't be sad..

knockudown said...

JMR::dont b sad. but feel pity fir her
Firus:: da point is she doesnt want anione else
akak:: ok i'll