Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mimpi Umi. Betulke mimpi mainan tido..


emm i have a bad ( xtao la..) dream last nite.. Pernah ke u all mimpi family or relatives terdekat meninggal?

I have it. Around 430am I woke up immediately. Cried. I dont have any idea for wut reason those tears. Em rupa2nya x solat isyak lagi. I tried to be cool unfortunately can't. So this evening I did call my auntie n she said 'Don't worry, I'm used to have a dream like that. Notin to worry about along. Your umi is getting better n in gud condition.'

But please..anyone of you ever dream of it.? share it with me.


Siti Nursyahidah Mohamad Khalil said...

dun worry babe.everything's gonna b fine ok.

JMR said...

orang cakap, kalo mimpi meninggal, orang yg dimimpi tu akan pjg umur..

G said...

sya: thanks ea n insyaAllah
jmr: mudah mudahan....

Amieynna Amin said...

saya pernah mimpi mcm tu..
but org kate..
itu tanda org tu panjang umur..
lgpon..mimpi pmainan tdo..